Founded on the spirit of the hustle and remixed with upscale touches, AKOO, captures the echo of street culture and presents it to the wider public in the form of contemporary streetwear suitable for every version of the urban gentleman. Refined and relaxed, who better to begin a brand than the king of class himself, Atlanta-based rapper T.I. Joined by his cofounder Jason Geter and armed with the mission to empower the those who come after them, the duo launched the line as a call to action for each and every man to become A King of Oneself. The creators’ fearless approach to fashion shows through the meticulous use of bold colors and dynamic prints on each piece to communicate their shared values of versatility, quick-wittedness, and independence. Each garment holds its’ distinction from the rest through every inch of its’ high quality fabrication and smooth clean stitching. City Gear offers AKOO clothing as the high-end approach to life in the concrete jungle, brining class and excellency to all.