Crep Protect

UK-based shoe cleaner brand Crep Protect began as an online retailer but soon took the kingdom by storm after establishing themselves in a small sneaker shop in the boroughs of Essex, England. It all started with an idea that pushed the company to come to life in mid-2012 after two self-proclaimed sneakerheads took their love and dedication to their shoes to the next level. After many rounds of research and development, their all natural oil-based concoction became a simple yet effective solution that worked on a variety of materials without altering any elements of the footwear that caused them to soon to be adored by many. After expanding their line to offer a small variety of cleaners, protectants, and fresheners, they began to appear alongside famous DJs, rappers, and artists alike that made a worldwide buzz large enough to extend to all corners of the culture. Crep Protect knows that the future of footwear is today and guarantees that it’s product’s unique breathable barrier will help you breathe easy every time you step out in any of your beloved collection pieces.