Reebok International LTD. globally manufactures footwear and apparel for today’s athletic and lifestyle markets. Originally founded by John William Foster in 1895, under the name J.W. Foster and Sons, to distribute quality hand-crafted running shoes throughout the UK, Reebok settled on its current name - inspired by the Afrikaans word for antelope, “rhebok” - in 1958. Reebok has remained wildly relevant within the past three decades of sneaker culture due to the timeless renown of such legendary sneakers as the Reebok Classic line, the ‘82 Reebok Freestyle (the very first athletic sneaker designed for women), and the iconic Reebok Pump. Reebok has also collaborated with a diverse range of athletes and artists such as Shaquille O’Neal, Jay-Z, Allen Iverson, Kid Ink, and Alicia Keys.